Global Scale

Building Community & Consensus

As the Internet proliferates, so do inconsistencies in connectivity, resiliency and security. That's why major data centers, network operators, content distribution networks, content creators, consumers and others come together to form OIX offering standards and certification.

45 Certified Locations

Every OIX Certified location undergoes a strict approval process and has proven it meets the highest level of standards in the world today.

160+ Members

Membership to OIX is free and allows provides access to community events as well as an opportunity to vote in the annual Board Elections. Sign up today!

4 Countries

OIX currently certifies in 4 countries and we are looking for more opportunities to broaden our global reach.

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Standards & Certifications

Certify your operations by our authoritative standards.

Ensure that your organization is not only adopting the standards, but also that the global and authoritative Internet user and operator community of OIX has jointly certified your operations.

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Interconnection Navigator

Graphical representations of interconnection growth and change.

Leveraging publicly available data from PeeringDB and offering granularity down to the Data Center and IXP, the OIX Interconnection Navigator is designed to be used by research analysts, infrastructure procurement teams and industry decision makers.

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Accredited Standards Developer

We are proud to be accredited by ANSI as an Accredited Standards Developer.


Our Trusted Customers

The Open-IX Edge (OIX-3) Standard process allows data center companies like EdgePresence the opportunity to earn a modern and credible certification that showcases their leading technical and operational standards, while adhering to their goals of promoting and enhancing the future of the Internet and its infrastructure. We could not be more proud to earn this stringent certification as we continue to grow.

Bill Radford — CIO, EdgePresence

For a small data center company it is important to make clients and potential clients confident in the abilities of your data center. OIX enables us to do that by allowing our peers in the market to review and certify that our space meets or exceeds the standards the community has set for a reliable data center.

Arthur Valhuerdi — Senior Vice President of Operations DataGryd Data Centers, LLC