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OIX-1 certification signifies full compliance by the IXP with the OIX-1 standard and necessary engineering and operations readiness to drive massive-scale interconnection, best-in-class performance and unparalleled resilience and unmatched data privacy.



Customer Benefits

  • Reduced interconnection and network costs
  • Enhanced data privacy
  • Massive-scale interconnection readiness
  • Customer-influenced governance of IXP platform
  • Greater speed and reliability
  • Improved routing control and autonomy
  • Access to IXP engineering community for expertise and idea sharing

IXP Benefits

  • Demonstrates effective platform management
  • Creates constant improvement by standard adherence
  • Better product performance
  • Wider market opportunities
  • Listing in the OIX Certified Directory
  • Use of the OIX-1 service marks for marketing
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Certification Requirements

OIX-1 Certification is open to any IXP operator who wants to facilitate the exchange of data traffic between networks while adhering to community-developed standards.

Certification Technical Requirements at a glance:

  • Public exchange any-to-any connectivity
  • Congestion-free private VLAN services
  • Unfiltered forwarding of data traffic
  • Minimum port speeds of 1GE and 10GE
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Non-Profit Certification

OIX values consistency and transparency for all Data Centers and Internet Exchanges (IXs), no matter their size or financial situation. Being a community based organization ourselves, we realize that it can be hard to find the resources to commit to every opportunity. That is why OIX is now offering certifications for community supported Internet Exchanges at no cost!

To qualify and be considered for a free OIX-1 Certification, IX’s must have a maximum yearly revenue of $100,000 US or local equivalent and cannot be owned or controlled by a colocation provider.

Additional Documentation

Memorandum of Understanding

Our MoU to be submitted with any application.

OIX-1 Certification Benefits

All of the ways in which OIX-1 Certification can help you.

IXP Customer Benefits

Benefits of connecting to an OIX-1 Certified IXP.


IXP Application Pricing

Each service area should have a separate application, but, in coordination with Open-IX, payment by a single wire may be sent combining fees for all applications. Certifications are for a one year term.

Up to 35 Members

$1,000 USD

per location, billed once

36-75 Members

$2,500 USD

per location, billed once

76+ Members

$5,000 USD

Annually, per location. Discount given for multiple locations.