Description of process

Open-IX has a defined a process for OIX-1 and OIX-2 complaint resolution to ensure that facilities and exchanges maintain the standards set forth by the Association. All complaints are sent directly to the appropriate committee chair with a copy sent to the Board of Directors. Within one week of receipt of a complaint, the committee chair will reach out to both parties to discuss the complaint and gather additional information. The committee chair or a designee will then work with the certified entity to come to a resolution within two additional weeks. The certified entity will then have up to four weeks to implement remedial action.

In the event that a resolution can not be reached or if the certified entity does not complete its remedial effort, the certified entity shall have the right to forfeit its certification. The results of the process shall be reported to the Board within eight weeks from completion of the remedial action period. If the violation remains and the certified entity does not voluntary forfeit its certification, the Board will commence a formal process to withdraw its certification and indicate such determination on its membership list.