OIX is seeking individuals to serve on the Data Center Standards Consensus Body. As an ANSI accredited Standards Developer, OIX must regularly review and if needed, revise its standards. The Data Center Standards Consensus Body maintains the OIX-2 standard. The OIX-2 standard identifies the criteria that must be met for a Data Center to attain OIX-2 Certification. OIX-2 Certification sets a minimum level of service, SLA and engineering for data centers

Consensus Body meetings are held virtually on an as needed basis. Reasons for a meeting might include review, revision or withdrawal of the OIX-2 standard. Consensus Body members may or may not be members of OIX. Consensus Body members represent one of three interest categories:

OIX welcomes participation from all areas of expertise. To express interest, please fill out an Interest Form by October 18.