Milan Data Center Remains OIX-2 Certified

NEW YORK, NY. - April 18, 2023 – The OIX Association (OIX), a 501(c)(6) non-profit industry association and Accredited Standards Developer (ASD) of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) announces that CDLAN, an Italy based provider of data center and digital infrastructure services, has renewed it’s OIX-2 certification for their Milan data center, C21.

OIX is the leader in interconnection infrastructure standards, with three ANSI standards covering IXPs, metro edge data centers and far edge data centers. The OIX certification represents quality engineering and transparency in operations. The OIX Community Supported IX Program allows an opportunity for growing community supported IXs to offer transparency in their service delivery. Ultimately, OIX believes this enables large cloud and content networks to rely on emerging IXP’s infrastructure and improves internet performance and resiliency.

“We’re proud to be able to renew our certification and membership with OIX,” said Corrado Del Po of CDLAN. “This renewal re-confirms the high level of reliability of our data center. C21 was designed to create a state-of-the-art environment, and to meet the highest standards of infrastructure, quality and security.”

An OIX certified entity since 2017, CDLAN’s C21 data center operates within Caldera Park, the area with the highest density of IP networks in Italy and home of the Milan Internet Exchange (MIX), a public peering point with over two hundred interconnected Network Operators. C21 is the only Tier IV compliant data center within the Milan campus.

The Data Center OIX-2 Certification is a best-in-class and the first ever global certification for data centers desiring to serve as points of network interconnection. OIX-2 Certification sets a minimum level of service, SLA and engineering for data centers. OIX-2 was developed by the broad consensus of world-class data center managers, engineers and their customers.

“We’re excited to be able recertify CDLAN’s Milan data center” said Matt Griswold, Vice Chairman of OIX. “Since their original certification, CDLAN has served as an exceptional representative of OIX standards and values, and we look forward to continuing to have them as part of the OIX community.”

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About Open-IX:

The Open-IX Association (OIX) is an internet community effort to improve the landscape of internet peering and interconnection. OIX encourages the development of neutral and distributed internet exchanges, while promoting uniform standards of performance for interconnections backed by the internet community. In 2018, Open-IX became an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Accredited Developer, joining nearly 250 ANSI-Accredited Standards Developers engaged in the creation and maintenance of voluntary consensus standards. The Association aims to promote common and uniform specifications for data transfer and physical connectivity, and improve overall internet performance by developing criteria and methods of measurement to reduce the complexity that restricts interconnection in fragmented markets.

About CDLAN:

CDLAN is a Cloud Provider, telco operator and Italian and international reference for Colocation services. CDLAN’s headquarter and main Data Center are inside Caldera Park, the milanese Campus that hosts the most important Internet and TLC hub in Italy. For over twenty years, CDLAN has supported the development and digitization of companies with integrated, modular and flexible solutions, based on a single digital ecosystem. CDLAN's technological assets include a solid network infrastructure and two Tier IV compliant Data Centers: C21 in Milan and E100 in Rome, linked together through a redundant 100 Gbps backbone. This infrastructure allows CDLAN to offer all companies resilient and redundant solutions that guarantee business continuity.