Milan Internet Exchange (MIX) Secures Renewal of OIX-1 Certification

Leading Internet Exchange Upholds OIX-1 Standards

NEW YORK, NY - April 4, 2024 – The OIX Association (OIX), a 501(c)(6) non-profit industry association and Accredited Standards Developer (ASD) of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Milan Internet Exchange (MIX), Italy’s leading internet exchange point providing network interconnection services, announces that MIX has renewed its OIX-1 certification.

OIX is the leader in setting the benchmark for interconnection infrastructure with three

ANSI-compliant standards for IXPs, data centers and edge data centers. The OIX certification represents engineering excellence and operational transparency. Through the OIX Community Supported IX Program, emerging IXs demonstrate transparent service delivery, ensuring reliability for extensive cloud and content networks, and optimizing internet functionality and stability.

“MIX, a long-standing, internationally recognized internet exchange point certified by OIX-1, embodies the organization's ideals by promoting open and accessible digital infrastructure with high-quality engineering. It plays a crucial role in Italy's internet services market, demonstrating the importance of consistent standards and openness in building internet infrastructure,” stated Eli D. Scher, OIX Vice Chairman of the board.

An OIX certified entity since 2015, the MIX interconnection platform offers customers an opportunity to exchange Internet traffic with enhanced network performances, increased data flow control, reducing latency and IP-Transit costs. MIX customers directly exchange traffic using a network of interconnected switches hosted in a secure environment.

“We value our continued association with OIX,” commented Mauro Magrassi, Chief Technical Officer MIX. “Adherence to the strictest standards is one of our top priorities to confirm our commitment in offering our members the best overall IXP interconnection service. We truly believe that developing independent, community driven, interconnection-oriented certification paths is one of the best ways to develop the industry and face ever growing challenges and members expectations.”

As the first-ever global certification for Internet Exchange Points, OIX-1 Certification establishes a benchmark for service and engineering. Developed through the broad consensus of top-tier IXP managers, engineers, and their customers, OIX-1 status signifies an IXP’s adherence to the standard, highlighting its potential for extensive interconnection, optimal performance, unparalleled resilience, and unmatched data security.


About OIX:

OIX, formerly Open-IX, is a self-regulated, ANSI-accredited standards developer. OIX is a non-profit organization focused on advancing global internet interconnection through standardized, educational, and resilient infrastructure practices. It focuses on enhancing internet peering and interconnection, ensuring efficient global connectivity for diverse stakeholders. As a 501c6 organization, OIX emphasizes interconnection proliferation through the development, implementation, and certification of transparent technical and operating standards, empowering internet exchange providers, data center providers, carriers, and content and cloud service providers to excel in their domains. OIX's commitment to fostering a more interconnected and reliable internet ecosystem positions it as a pivotal player in the global internet infrastructure landscape.

About Milan Internet Exchange:

MIX, situated in Caldera Park, West Milan, stands as Italy's premier Internet Exchange Point and a top European hub by traffic volume, boasting peaks over 2.6 Tbit/s. Its state-of-the-art switch fabric is housed within its own 1MW Carrier Hotel, accommodating over 250 carriers and ISPs. Nearly 400 networks connect to MIX Milan, spread across 10 data centers, integrating with regional MIX locations in Palermo, Bologna, Rome, and the upcoming Caserta site. MIX leads in compliance and security, being the first Italian IXP to achieve ISO27001:2013 certification and earning the OIX-1 certification from Open-IX, a distinction shared with only 35 global IXPs. This underscores its service excellence in security and reliability. Furthermore, MIX is a founding member of Open Hub Med, a carrier-neutral data center in Sicily, highlighting its pivotal role in regional internet infrastructure.