Please join the OIX AGM. Find out more about the organization and have the opportunity to ask questions and add input.

OIX 2022 Annual General Meeting

Thursday, 1 Dec 2022

10am-11am CT – See Zoom Link

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1. Call To Order – Eli Scher

2. Welcome

3. Introductions

4. General Organizational Update

5. Review of Mission and Strategic Plan – Eli Scher

6. Financial Report – Brad Raymo

7. Committee Updates – provided by Committee Chairs

A. Marketing – Chris Grundemann

B. IX – Phil Koblence

C. Datacenter/Edge – Brian Achten

D. PC – Karlin Younger

8. Elections – Brad Raymo

a. Positions open for election: There are currently 2 board seats open for election

b. Candidates: Phil Koblenece and Chris Grundemann

c. Candidates have an opportunity to speak

d. Ballots via email: Members will receive a ballot via email at the close of the AGM. Voting will be open for 7 days. If anyone does not receive a ballot please contact [email protected] and we will be sure to get you one.

9. Open Q&A – Eli Scher

10. Adjournment